Kelly's Squirt Boating Page

Welcome to Kelly's Squirt Boating Page. This page is maintained by Kelly McCauley (me, a guy) and is here to document my education in oxygen deprivation and other ramblings about squirt boating (aka squirt kayaking). My progress began in August, 2001 when I picked up a used Hellbender squirt kayak that I saw for sale on the Angst Message Board for squirt kayakers. I am definitely hooked.

Kelly goofing around.
Paddler: Kelly McCauley
Photo: April McCauley, 2001

I have watched squirt boating grow up while I was paddling whitewater kayaks and growing up in the eighties and nineties here in the Southeast, US. I remember the first time I saw someone do this new squirt move called the "Mystery Move" at the Ocoee River in Tennessee, and all I could think about at that moment was, "I wonder what its like under there? Cool." It was too cost prohibitive to start squirting for a 15 year old with no income (may have been 14? Can't remember which year.). Then came college, still not enough money or time.

After 15+ years of watching, I finally made a decision to start squirting. As of this writing, I'm starting my second season and I don't see an end to the addiction. I had just recently picked up a video camera to play around with and have started recording my progress. By the way, feel free to laugh since there's something inherently funny about watching a newbie paddler and videographer...

Misc News

I haven't quit paddling! My video camera died, was resurrected, and is now acting like a zombie from Day of the Dead. I'm working on getting a new camera, but it will take some time since I want to purchase a 3 CCD, miniDV, HD camera and a water proof housing. None of which is cheap.

Squirt Boating Video Clip Sets

Mystery Move Nationals at Cowbell on the Nolichucky River. April 26, 2003

On April 26, 2003, the Angst Mystery Nationals were held at Cowbell rapid on the Nolichucky river.

Squirt boating at Rock Island, TN. December 31, 2002

On December 31, 2002 I had decided, midmorning, that I had been couped up in the house for too long and I wanted to go paddle my squirt boat.

Kelly's Follies at Cats Pajamas on the Ocoee River. August 8, 2002

On August 8, 2002 at Cats Pajamas on the Ocoee (Tennessee, US), my wife, April, shot video of me paddling my squirt boat (attempting to paddle is more like it).

That's it for now. Later!